I share collections on youtube, twitter, and facebook

I love the WordPress plugin

My marketing firm can collaborate more easily on our client research

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Content Social Marketing

Shareable landing pages for curated collections


Share all the important resources with one link

Customer Support

Reduce support cost by sharing curated resources

Human Resources

Share news, benefits, and other important company resources

Project Teams

Complete projects faster with better knowledge sharing


File away resources for when you actually need them


Share timely resources with students and parents

Software Developers

Share valuable resources without the normal distractions


  • Public and private collections
  • Share collections on social sites
  • Follow and gain followers
  • Team and individual collaboration
  • Filtering, searching, and sorting
  • Grid, link, map, and compare views
  • Daily update notification email
  • Integrates with Slack

Lasso is a 100% free service for individuals and up to 5 team members