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Homeless face special risks from the coronavirus - The Washington Post

“Congress is about to pass an emergency spending bill that entirely neglects the urgent needs of people experi... more

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Advocates Demand Immediate Stop to Citations and Clearing of Homeless Enca...

“Targeting unsheltered individuals is terrible public policy, and directly endangers the lives of thousands of... more

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Catholic Charities, Gonzaga Prep partner to open family homeless shelter |...

After space constraints forced it to turn people away from its family warming center, Catholic Charities opened a la... more

Location: spokane
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Philanthropic giving shot up when the coronavirus hit. Will it fade like i...

COVID-19 has provided a wave of emergency donations from the community and philanthropies, but it's unclear whether ... more

Location: seattle
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False Perception of COVID-19's Impact on the Homeless - FactCheck.org

Viral posts suggest that COVID-19 can't be a serious disease if it hasn't "wiped out the homeless." But re... more

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Coronavirus: Mass unemployment could grow homelessness by 45% - Los Angele...

Coronavirus: Mass unemployment could grow homelessness by 45% - Los Angeles Times

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