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Why we need to check the Status of a Website and Domain? Monitoring and addressing these aspects collectively contribute to sustaining a robust and user-friendly website, subsequently increasing the likelihood of achieving high rankings in search engine results and enhancing the overall effectiveness of your SEO endeavors. Examining domain and website status plays a pivotal role in SEO as it guarantees the well-being and accessibility of your site to both search engines and users. This comprehensive check involves keeping a close eye on various critical factors: 1. Indexing: It's vital to confirm that search engines have successfully crawled and indexed your web pages, ensuring they appear in search results. 2. Crawling Errors: Identifying and rectifying crawl errors is imperative as they can hinder proper indexing, potentially causing your content to be overlooked by search engines. 3. Page Load Speed: Faster-loading websites tend to secure higher positions in search rankings, as user experience is significantly improved. 4. Mobile Compatibility: Given the proliferation of mobile users, websites that are mobile-friendly receive preferential treatment in mobile search results. 5. SSL/HTTPS: Embracing security by employing SSL certificates and HTTPS protocols can elevate your site's ranking, instilling trust in users. 6. Broken Links: Addressing broken links is essential to prevent frustrating users and maintain search engine favorability. 7. Duplicate Content: The presence of duplicate content across your site can lead to penalties from search engines, underlining the importance of resolving such issues. 8. XML Sitemap: By providing an XML sitemap, you help search engines comprehend your website's structure and content hierarchy. 9. Robots.txt: Ensuring your robots.txt file is properly configured enables you to dictate which areas of your site search engine crawlers can access. 10. Server Status: Regularly monitoring your server's status is crucial, as an often inaccessible server can have adverse effects on your site's search rankings and user experience.