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Description: Our promethazine with codeine combination cough syrup is used to for symptoms like common cold, breathing illnesses(e.g., bronchitis & sinusistis) allergies or any other flu-like symptoms. Promethazine functions more as an antihistamine which relieves itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing and also itchy nose and throat while Codeine is a narcotic cough suppressant which functions by directly affecting a certain part of the brain which reduces the urge to cough. So when you order from us make sure you follow our procedure strickly, Canadarxmeds Co ltd Email: johnsonjohnsononline@gmail.com Call/text +1 (347) 559-8218 Whatsapp +1 (347) 559-8218 Skype ID Canadarxmeds Canadarxmeds Website.... www.canadarxmeds.com

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